Glacier Round Table


This round, dining table design is classic in its simplicity. Its one-meter diameter fits in any room comfortably and suits a four-person dinner perfectly. The sturdy base consists of four interlocking pieces and showcases the veneer quality on the surface top. Two people can easily assemble this table and its 24mm thick, 100% birch core is built-to-last. It will bring enjoyment and comfort to your life for years.

• Product materials are “FSC certified”
• German imported walnut veneer and Finland imported birch veneer
• 100% Birch plywood boards are imported from Finland and Russia
• E1 rated – The highest international standard for lowest formaldehyde
off-gasses / non-toxic fumes
• No tools or hardware needed for assembly
• Product Dimensions: 1000mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 750mm (H)

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• 拥有FSC认证的原材料
• 德国进口胡桃木皮和芬兰进口桦木皮
• 100% 俄罗斯和芬兰进口全桦木芯多层板
• 欧标E1 等级 – 国际最高标准限制最低的甲醛释放,无毒害
• 无需工具组装
• 产品尺寸:1000毫米(长) x 1000毫米(宽) x 750毫米(高)


Tool-free Assembly