Kobuk Coffee Table


This is the coffee table for small living spaces and smaller office environments looking to promote the flow of people. This flexible table design works as a singular item or as a paired item positioned to create interesting shapes and spatial relationships. Made of 100% imported birch core with imported veneers, this piece will add beauty and warmth to your home or office.

  • Product materials are “FSC certified”
  • German imported walnut veneer and Finland imported birch veneer
  • 100% Birch plywood boards are imported from Finland and Russia
  • E1 rated – The highest international standard for lowest formaldehyde off-gasses / non-toxic fumes
  • No tools or hardware needed for assembly
  • Product Dimensions: 790mm (L) x 390mm (W) x 390mm (H)
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  • 拥有FSC认证的原材料
  • 德国进口胡桃木皮和芬兰进口桦木皮
  • 100% 俄罗斯和芬兰进口全桦木芯多层板
  • 欧标E1 等级 – 国际最高标准限制最低的甲醛释放,无毒害
  • 无需工具组装
  • 产品尺寸:790毫米(长) x 390毫米(宽) x 390毫米(高)

Tool-free Assembly